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"My first online lesson!» The results of the international competition were summed up

The Department of “Pedagogy” of M. Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional University organized an International contest "My first ONLINE lesson" in the framework of the scientific project AP09259497 "Improving the system of pedagogical education in Kazakhstan in new conditions: technological and methodological aspects of the formation of digital competencies of future teachers in distance learning in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

The international contest was attended by well-known scientists of the Republic, future teachers, methodologists of educational organizations and scientists and future teachers of the Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University of Russia.

The purpose of the international online contest is to develop the digital competence of students of pedagogical educational programs, stimulate the creative activity of future teachers, improve the quality of educational activities and improve the scientific and methodological support of the educational process.

The international online contest "My first online lesson" was able to solve the tasks of activating the creative and professional potential of future teachers; introducing modern innovative educational technologies into the practice of the educational process; improving the professional skills of future teachers; forming a social and professional image of future teachers, etc.

The international webinar was opened by the director of the Institute "Ustaz" of the Taraz Regional University named after M. Kh. Dulaty Dzholdassova Orynkyz Kopbosynovna.

An associate professor of the department "The theory and methodology of primary education" of Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University of Russia, the candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Natalya Mikhailovna Zhdanova, who joined the international webinar remotely, noted that the online contest is the result of ongoing collaboration studies of Dulaty University and Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University on the formation of digital competencies of future teachers.

Online-lessons of future teachers were evaluated according to 5 criteria: compliance of the content of the educational material with didactic requirements; mastery of subject and technological competencies and general erudition of the future teacher; speech culture and optimal style of communication with students; general culture of the future teacher; quality of the video lesson, logic of constructing a storyline, optimality, content and informativeness of selected fragments; quality of materials attached to the video lesson; effectiveness of using information and communication technologies; technical level of recording and editing of a video lesson.

Future teachers who took part in the competition used the capabilities of digital educational platforms Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Padlet, Clideo, Quizizz, Wordwall, Crossword Labs,Canva, Survio, etc.

Assel Abulkhair, a 2nd year student of Dulaty University, who is studying in the educational program 6B01501– Mathematics teacher training was awarded the 1st place for conduct5ing the online lesson on theme "Smart teacher - who is he?

The students of Dulaty University Anastasia Baisultanova and Assel Tumabayeva took the 2nd place.

The student of the North Kazakhstan University named after M. Kozybayev Zhansaya Zhaybergen, the student of Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University of Russia Alexandra Manakova and the student of Dulaty University Nuray Serik shared the 3rd place.

The results of the contest "My first online lesson"

As a result of electronic voting in the social network, a student of Dulaty University, Kymbat Sarypbek, who scored the highest points, won the sympathy of the audience.

The results of the electronic voting in the social network of the contest

"My first online lesson"

All future teachers who took part in the international online competition were awarded special certificates.

The international online competition focused on the effective use of new forms of digital content of educational material, providing future teachers with improved forms of teaching technologies from the point of view of digital education.


  The Head of the "Pedagogy" Department

of M. Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional university

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

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