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About the project

Project theme: «Improving teacher education system in Kazakhstan: technological, methodological aspects of future teachers' digital competencies formation in distance learning in Kazakhstan»

The actuality of the research: In the 21 st  century it is necessary to direct educational programs to the development of critical thinking and independent research skills as well as to distance learning in order to make education as a Central element of the new model of economic growth.

We need to train competitive future teachers with high digital and creative competencies on the basis of adapting the experience of international pedagogical and professional education centers   to  modern Kazakhstan market. Development  of  methods, identification of effective ways of implementation, identification of methodological, technological and methodological aspects of the formation of digital and creative competencies of future teachers in distance education on the basis of innovative cooperation of  Dulaty University and SHSPU  of Russia in order to raise the system of pedagogical education in Kazakhstan to the world level in the new realities.

Research methodology: personality-oriented innovative concepts of education.

 Research results: articles in publications with an impact factor, monographs, textbooks, electronic textbooks; an innovation and information Bank will be created. An innovative teaching center will open at Dulaty University - www.smart-pedagog.kz educational portal and SHSPU will open an online department "SMART TEACHER"as a partner University.

Potential consumers: pedagogical Universities, secondary schools, NIS, JSC «Orken», JSC «Orleu»national center for advanced training centers of pedagogical skills.

2.1 The purpose of the project is development of methodology, determine the technological and methodological aspects of digital and creative competencies formation of future teachers in distance learning within the framework of the integration of Kazakhstan and European education on the basis of cooperation between Dulaty University and SHSPU.

  1. Objectives of the project:
  2. Definition of methodological, innovative network-methodological foundations for the formation of digital and creative competencies of future teachers in the conditions of distance education in Kazakhstan.
  3. Development of cooperation model between Dulaty University and SHSPU, in order to apply, research and promote innovative experience of integrative methodology and implementation mechanisms of formation of digital and creative competencies of future teachers within integration framework of Kazakhstan and Russian education.
  4. Identification of effective ways and development of methods for the formation of digital and creative competencies of future teachers in the conditions of distance learning in modern Kazakhstan.

Expected results:

  1. 1. To create a united joint network-methodical integrative link between  Dulatiy University (Kazakhstan) and Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University (Russia) in order to study, use, research and promote innovative experience in the field of distance learning on competitive world-class pedagogical personnel training in modern Kazakhstan, the Center at Dulaty University (portal) SMART-PEDAGOG, and at SHSPU of Russia as a university partner  the online department "SMART-TEACHER will  be opened."

2.An innovative information bank will be created in Kazakhstan to form digital creative competencies of future teachers in the context of distance learning; a new pedagogical training portal www. smart-pedagog.kz.

  1. 3. Effective ways of future teachers digital and creative competencies formation will be determined, methods within the framework of distance education in modern Kazakhstan will be developed.
  2. The results of research will be published in domestic and foreign editions with an impact-factor in scientific articles, monographs, textbooks, manuals, electronic multimedia textbooks, the digital educational maintenance of a subject and translated into English by foreign scientists (in co-authorship).
  3. 5. Within the framework of the project, copyright certificates of state registration of rights to objects of copyright for the following 6 products will be obtained: a textbook-1; monograph-3; electronic textbook- 2.
  4. 6. A mobile application for the online test "SMART-FUTURE TEACHER" will be developed.
  5. 7. The international Congress "Distance education: challenges, modern trends and strategies" will be organized and an edition of the Congress will be published.

 8.1 master's student, working as a junior researcher, will develop online tests, will conduct online webinars, coaching, and online pedagogical competitionsin the project.

  1. Online course program for future teachers "Distance learning technologies" will be developed and an online course will be organized, all training materials will be available and uploaded to the pedagogical educational portal www. smart-pedagog.kz.
  2. I will be a SMART TEACHER!" online coaching will be organized for future teachers and all training materials received will be uploaded to SMART-online coaching at the www pedagogical educational portalwill be opened smart-pedagog.kz.
  3. 11. Online competition "My first online lesson" will be, held for future teachers. as a result, all educational and didactic materials are uploaded to the SMART-online methodological portfolio (piggy Bank) on the www pedagogical educational portal. smart-pedagog.kz.
  4. 12. The digital pedagogical hub (pedagogical campus) DULATY will be created to train teachers and improve the digital literacy and competencies of future teachers in the new reality of Kazakhstan.

Keywords: distance learning, digital competence, "SMART-PEDAGOGOG", pedagogical hub, pedagogical campus, local - methodological communication, www.smart-pedagog.kz, pedagogical educational portal.